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Dongjiao Minxiang Hotel Beijing, 그것 은 세계 적 으로 유명한 베 이 징 역사 문화 보존 구역 이다.원 나라, 여 기 는 '강 미 샹' 이 라 고 하 는데 초기의 교토 무역 무역항 의 초기 형태 이다.또 중국 과 외국 으로 유명한 베 이 징 병원, 동인 병원 도 이곳 에 세 워 졌 다.이 곳 은 동 교 민 샹 의 핵심 부위 에 위치 하고 천 안 문, 자금성, 왕 푸 징 에서 지척 에 있 습 니 다.
이 객실 은 200 여 칸 (세트) 이 있 고 음식 품질 이 완벽 하 며 회의 시설 이 완비 되 고 행정 층 이 호 화 롭 고 편안 하 며 주변 환경 이 고요 하고 문화 분위기 가 풍부 하 다.
1994 년 에 문 을 열 었 고 2010 년 에 새로 인 테 리 어 를 했 으 며 빌딩 의 높이 는 11 층 이다.역사 문화 의 원인 과 서울 의 좋 은 지역 에 위치 하기 때문에 호텔 은 장시간 동안 국내외 손님 들 이 투숙 하고 입주 하 게 만 들 었 다.
이 골목 의 식당 은 22 개의 스타일 이 서로 다른 방 과 1 개의 연회장 이 있 고 유명한 광 둥 요리, 샹 차이, 정통 동북 요리 와 맛 이 좋 은 화원 구 이 등 요 리 를 제공 합 니 다. 여러분 의 각종 잔치 장소 중 가장 좋 은 곳 입 니 다.
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호텔 FAQ
  • 이 호텔은 Capital Airport Beijing 에서 얼마나 떨어져 있습니까?

    공항에서 Dongjiao Minxiang Hotel Beijing 24.2km.

  • Dongjiao Minxiang Hotel Beijing 은(는) 공항 셔틀을 운행합니까?

    예, 예약 후 연락 주시기 바랍니다.

  • Dongjiao Minxiang Hotel Beijing 의 체크인 & 체크아웃 시간은 어떻게 되나요?

    체크인 시간은 14:00이후, 체크아웃 시간은 14:30이전.

  • Dongjiao Minxiang Hotel Beijing 에 수영장과 체육관 있나요?

    아니요, 호텔에는 수영장이나 체육관이 없습니다. 수영장 및 다른 시설에 대한 상세 내용은 이 페이지에서 확인하시기 바랍니다.

  • Dongjiao Minxiang Hotel Beijing 내에 레스토랑이 있나요?

    네, 호텔에서 먹을 수 있습니다.

  • Dongjiao Minxiang Hotel Beijing 광대역 또는 Wi-Fi가 있습니까?

    예, 자세한 내용은 호텔 프런트 데스크에 문의하십시오.

  • Dongjiao Minxiang Hotel Beijing 선불로 결제 하시겠습니까?

    저희에게 연락하기 전에 주문을 제출하십시오.

  • Dongjiao Minxiang Hotel Beijing 신용카드로 결제하실 수 있으며?

    아니요, 호텔은받지 않습니다.

  • Dongjiao Minxiang Hotel Beijing 의 아침 식사는 얼마입니까?

    식사 CNY78 / 사람.

  • Dongjiao Minxiang Hotel Beijing 의 숙박 요금은 얼마인가요?

    집값에서 CNY298 위안이, 숙박 날짜나 호텔 정책 등에 따라 숙박 요금이 달라질 수 있습니다.

고객 후기 더
  • cdcdcdcd
    The geographical location is wrong. It takes more than ten minutes to the flag raising ceremony. At the same time, breakfast is also good and rich in varieties.
  • leoger
    The location of the hotel is good, the facilities in the room are general, and the wireless signal is poor
  • anna_royi
    After redecorating, the room is not bad. The bathroom in the big bed room is a little smaller, which is more hygienic and convenient for travel.
  • fly529
  • e00111102
    Too bad? Unlike four stars
  • e00095841
    It's really not so good...
  • admin116
    At the same time, the gap between the two rooms is too big! The house is old and the door can't be closed. I won't choose to check in again!
  • aiyouwei
    Book a room for a friend!! Friends responded well!
  • apple8202001
    The location of the hotel is very good. It is very close to Tiananmen Square. The environment of the hotel is also very good. The layout is very Beijing flavor and the service is also very good. It is worth visiting again.
  • gralleboy
    It's an old hotel with small rooms; The service was average. When I checked out, I always said there was consumption. As a result, I asked for a signed list, but I said there was no more. In short, I don't think it's as good as the 'Beijing Capital Hotel' next to it. The price is the same, but the facilities in the room are one sky and one underground.
  • ayong
  • duanjiafang
    The location of the hotel is very good. It gives me the feeling of being quiet in the middle of trouble. Go to the square for 10 minutes. The surrounding transportation is convenient and it is also convenient to eat. The restaurant food of the hotel is very good, and all kinds of meat dishes and seafood dishes are very delicious. excellent.
  • tianbog
    The location is really good. Go west for five minutes and you'll get to the old Tiananmen Hotel. The facilities are a little old. It's good to be able to live at this price in dadidu
  • donggua11
    Overall, I feel good! There is a young man at the front desk who looks like Little Shenyang! And his service is also very good! Nice person! Recommend you to stay!
  • aryliu
    The surrounding environment is great, the hotel facilities are old, the service is average, and the breakfast is good. Very cost-effective.
  • Amandayan123
    Overall, very good
  • fbap1202
    Maybe it's because of booking on the Internet. After arriving at the service desk, the waiter was a little unhappy when he saw that the room was ordered on the Internet. He asked him to wait for a long time to arrange it. After arriving at the room, he realized that he was a bit deceived. The sanitation and facilities were completely different from what he said on the Internet. The door of the room was broken and it was not easy to close. He also found that there were cockroaches in it. He was very disappointed. There's no next time. I won't go again.
  • lily316
    The location of the hotel is very good. It is very close to Tiananmen Square. The environment of the hotel is also very good. The layout is very Beijing style
  • angelrucy
    Pretty good hotel. Staff speak English very well. Room is clean. Nearest metro station is 10 minute walk. However, deposit is a lot. For a 400 rmb one night stay I had to deposit 800 rmb!! But yeah overall pretty nice.
  • leyant
    Hotels that won't stay next time
  • apple fan
    It's quiet and close to Wangfujing, but the air conditioning equipment is not strong enough, and the TV is still old. But it's still close to the subway station. Buffet breakfast is also more affordable.
  • linwww
    Not bad
  • artlorraine
    Good location, old facilities
  • Rufev
    The surrounding environment is very good. The room hygiene and facilities need to be improved. The cups used by guests were not painted before
  • amanda198311
    The location is good and clean.
  • bedbug250
    The hotel is very nice. The room is large and close to Tiananmen Square
  • e01232696
    Dilapidated! Poor service!
  • tina821209
    The location is good. It's less than 10 minutes' walk to Tiananmen Square. Anything else? Average.
  • robin9911
    Just a location, the old hotel, it's time to upgrade, but the staff service is still very good.
  • andejgjgu
    Change the equipment
  • celestal
    Good location, relatively quiet, less breakfast varieties
  • e01342875
    Room average
  • yiyi911
    The hotel is located in the center of the city with convenient transportation, clean rooms and high cost performance. I'll check in next time.
  • flyergu
    It's close to Tiananmen Square. The hotel's facilities are a little old. The sanitation is OK. On the whole, it's pretty good.
  • jc8098
    It's a little old.
  • d01529840
    It's very close to Tiananmen and Qianmen, so the traffic is convenient
  • floodwood
  • GIL23
    Very satisfied.
  • agllf2010
    The location of the hotel is very good. It is very close to Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Qianmen and Wangfujing, and the hotel is very quiet at night. This time from the online booking hotel does not bring breakfast, asked a 98 yuan, think more expensive, no hotel to eat.
  • muyuwolf
    just so so
  • amandatony
    The room is old and expensive.
  • lesily_yu
    Wifi is bad, unable to connect, far from metro station. Hotel did not prefer online booking customers
  • ruandongpo
    The location is very convenient, the facilities are OK, very good.
  • bflsg
    Everything is very general, but the location is very convenient!
  • bella1
    Suitable for Tourism
  • E04475382
    Poor environment
  • a62665871
    It's worth living. Don't go to those hotels. The conditions are too bad. This hotel has rich breakfast, good environment and is close to Tiananmen Square.
  • denny1190
    The price is OK, the service is not good, the room lacks WiFi, it's inconvenient to go out, I hope it can be improved, everything else is 0k good.
  • L.Sonntag
    The hotel is located near Tiananmen Square. It is only ten minutes' walk from the subway station. Most scenic spots can be easily reached by subway (the bus station is only 100 meters away from the hotel); Because there is the Beijing municipal government and the Supreme Court on the side, there is no problem with safety. Even if you walk in the alley near here late at night, you don't have to worry at all; Within a 15 minute walk around, Qianmen Dashilan and Wangfujing pedestrian streets are nearby, with a variety of snacks. You can see the tall Quanjude, Goubuli and Qingfeng baozi shops. The service of the hotel is also satisfactory. If there is any small problem, the attendant will come to the door with one phone call, which shows the quality of the hotel as a subordinate of an old state-owned enterprise. As for the shortcomings, they are: 1. The hotel has been in operation for more than 20 years, and some of its internal facilities are slightly outdated, but we can see that they are gradually improving; 2, the WIFI of the hotel is not strong enough to enter the room, basically it can not suck up the net. Only the signal can be found at the door of the room. Actually, there is a cable in the room. It only needs a small wireless router in every room. It can solve this problem without spending large amounts of money. Do you know if the hotel has thought of this method? 3. I don't know why the hotel doesn't provide packing for the buffet in the morning, which is very inconvenient for some tourists. In the morning, they go out to see the flag raising ceremony, come back to have breakfast, and then visit Chairman Mao's memorial hall and the Forbidden City. Although the road is near, they are also tired. It is suggested that they consider providing packed breakfast in the future. Generally speaking, Dongjiao Minxiang hotel is worth recommending. If it can be improved, it is worth recommending!
  • danny217
    Overall, it's good. Does the room need such a huge bed? I'm afraid to live alone, ha ha