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Consumer income increased private group refraction outbound tourism new demand

Date: 2019-08-21

According to China's tourism research institute, ctrip travel big joint laboratory data of 2018 ~ 2019 outbound group tour "to" new data report, to travel with the group tour is still the main way of outbound tourism of tourists in China, but the proportion has declined.

According to the report, small group, theme, from high quality has been on the rise, many consumer begin to choose private groups, namely the family or friends and relatives to the organizer, rather than a spell with strangers.Private group in the process of travel, can be adjusted according to the schedule in the case of arrangement, and enjoy the car and tour guides, consumer's special requirements can be satisfied, ChiZhuXing quality guaranteed, and a means of travel is recognised by more and more consumers.Figures show that private group average only 3.3 people, in 2018 through the ctrip platform application overseas private visitors grew by 240% year on year.

Some people have doubt, since want to a family together and have individual needs, why not choose free line?In fact, consumers choose private group has marked characteristics, but the individual MiYueTuan is a young man, a considerable part of private groups will have children, older people, group in mastering a foreign language is of less than, even when many private group is on-the-job income is higher, there is quite a savings of retired old man, this group high spending power, but foreign language level is limited, is willing to pay more fees paid to easier then, also willing to pay more in such aspects as ChiZhuXing spending.

Actually, this kind of consumer, can free travel in China, but abroad, even if the flight and hotel related business website or all kinds of online travel booking platform, other tourism projects, such as the destination information query, attractions tickets purchased and navigation, or between city traffic, hotels and restaurants in the city service communication, store shopping, etc., without the tour guide accompanied, for this type of consumer is not easy, in overseas is easy to fall into cannot have money to spend to go out, just go to the wall, it is not they expected travel medical.

Tourism concern, however, is not just a private group itself, is a private group reflects the new outbound travel demand.As consumer incomes increase, the demand for outbound tourism, is no longer "attractions photo clock", but hope to personalized, depth, XiuXianHua tourism, even several times to go to travel, try different tourism projects.In other words, the local private group need service, free line, half free visitors also need.Platform and online travel agency can provide local service for consumers to obtain the income, such as car rental, a well-known restaurant reservation on behalf, local guide, tickets, etc., rather than as it has in the past, relying on shopping commission or fees paid the difference.Of course, it also need relevant institutions in the local has certain territorial resources.

Data show that in 2018, a private group of the growing number of city is not only north guangzhou such first-tier cities, do not underestimate the growth of other cities, shenyang private group increased the proportion of more than Beijing and Shanghai, chongqing is reached 515%, the increase in the number of amazing.Platform should be aware of and online travel agency, in the high-end outbound tourism market is not limited to first-tier cities, in the second - and third-tier cities, in the high-end outbound travel especially private group, also has a broad market space.

As incomes rise, in the foreseeable future, rather than price, quality is the key to the outbound tourism market competition.Practitioners should be aware of, don't take domestic travel business "routine", to "set" of the outbound tourism, because of the difference of the tourism market, the two really great.